Hexapedal Robot

hexrobot gif

For our final project in UC Berkeley’s Introduction to Prototyping & Fabrication course, my partner and I set out to design an extremely low cost (~$60) RHex-style robot.

Mechanical Design

Mechanical design was done with an emphasis on simplicity: we only needed to fabricate 5 unique parts!

The chassis is constructed out of three pieces of 1/4” plywood, and the motorized leg modules are printed in ABS using a consumer-grade 3D printer. The current version of the legs are lined with 5mm polyurethane timing belt (teeth outwards), which acts as a cheap and wear-resistant tread.


hexrobot electronics

Each leg module contains a custom 14-bit absolute encoder board (linked below), which communicates to a central microcontroller over I2C.

A central control PCB was designed to co-locate:


All of the code for our robot was built around the Arduino platform in C++.

It’s made of a few main components:


Source code and design files: